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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book 2

With Slave finally in the hands of readers, I've had quite a few questions regarding the next book. I thought this would be a good time to answer them. :)

The most common question I get is when will the next book be out. I know that I'm an indie author, but I'm going traditional on this. One book in this series will be released per year until it's done. So unfortunately, that means that book 2 will be available next year sometime in the summer months. I don't have an exact release date from my publisher yet.

Have you started writing the second book yet?
Yes, I have. Roughly a quarter of the second book is written, although it is in draft form and is subject to any number of changes that flutter through my mind between now and when I hand it off to my editor.

What can you tell us about book 2?
lol. Not much. I don't write from an outline as many authors do, so a lot of my writing is a surprise to me until just before it finds its way on paper. I know where the book will start and where it will end. I know some of the basic themes that will be in there...but that's about it.

Does book 2 have a title, yet?
No, it doesn't. I've been throwing some ideas around, but so far nothing had really hit me as feeling right yet. When I thought of the title for the first book, Slave, it just settled in and felt right. I'm sort of a 'know it when I see' it type of a girl. ;)

Why was Slave listed as erotica when it is more of a romance?
What does this have to do with book 2, you may wonder? Everything! lol. My publisher is listing the 'series' as erotica, not the individual book. It wouldn't have been fair to list Slave as romance and then all the additional books in the series as erotica. And yes, I do think that book 2 will earn the erotica rating. Things should be heating up a little between Stephan and Brianna in the next one.

Hopefully this answered some questions out there. Remember if you have questions for me, Stephan, or Brianna, click on the Formspring link in the left column and leave me a question.


  1. Sounds like an interesting idea to have the same H/H throughout a multi-book series. All the best!


  2. Interesting idea, to have the same H/H throughout the series. Rosemary Rogers did that in the 80s with Steve and Ginny (?--or something like that). I wrote a prequel to my series that showed how my three Doms came to open a BDSM club together and they'll repeat throughout, but the next three will each focus primarily on one of the three Doms and his lady.

    All the best!