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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book 2

With Slave finally in the hands of readers, I've had quite a few questions regarding the next book. I thought this would be a good time to answer them. :)

The most common question I get is when will the next book be out. I know that I'm an indie author, but I'm going traditional on this. One book in this series will be released per year until it's done. So unfortunately, that means that book 2 will be available next year sometime in the summer months. I don't have an exact release date from my publisher yet.

Have you started writing the second book yet?
Yes, I have. Roughly a quarter of the second book is written, although it is in draft form and is subject to any number of changes that flutter through my mind between now and when I hand it off to my editor.

What can you tell us about book 2?
lol. Not much. I don't write from an outline as many authors do, so a lot of my writing is a surprise to me until just before it finds its way on paper. I know where the book will start and where it will end. I know some of the basic themes that will be in there...but that's about it.

Does book 2 have a title, yet?
No, it doesn't. I've been throwing some ideas around, but so far nothing had really hit me as feeling right yet. When I thought of the title for the first book, Slave, it just settled in and felt right. I'm sort of a 'know it when I see' it type of a girl. ;)

Why was Slave listed as erotica when it is more of a romance?
What does this have to do with book 2, you may wonder? Everything! lol. My publisher is listing the 'series' as erotica, not the individual book. It wouldn't have been fair to list Slave as romance and then all the additional books in the series as erotica. And yes, I do think that book 2 will earn the erotica rating. Things should be heating up a little between Stephan and Brianna in the next one.

Hopefully this answered some questions out there. Remember if you have questions for me, Stephan, or Brianna, click on the Formspring link in the left column and leave me a question.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reader Question

For this week's blog post, I'm answering another question posted on Formspring. If you haven't read Slave yet, proceed with caution. Both the question and answer this week contains spoilers.


Was the decision to not have Ian illicit orgasms from Brianna as part of his kink a conscious decision?

Thank you IslandWoman for the question.

When I began thinking about the world Brianna was coming from, the one in which she lived in Ian, I saw it as one full of strict rules. From Brianna's point of view we learn that she never lived up to Ian's standards enough to earn a warm shower. No matter Ian's sadistic tendencies, he is a Master and he lives by the philosophy of reward and punishment. Orgasms, for him, fall into that category. Brianna never earned them, therefore, he never pushed that upon her.

So, yes, it was a conscious decision. Even though Ian obviously has a different set of moral guidelines he lives by, he, just like all Master's, love their rules. It is one of the reasons they are what they are.

Have a question for me or one of my characters? Click on the Formspring link on the left and leave me a question.



Monday, August 15, 2011

The Play Room - Rattan Cane

Before we get to the topic of today's blog post, I want to thank everyone who has left a review for Slave. Every review on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. helps to spread the word and let others know if the book is worth their investment. 
I have been trying to compile the reviews together until the 'Reviews' page here on the blog. If you know of one that is not listed, please let me know and I will try to get it posted. 

Also, I hope you will come join me this Friday over at Mindreaders where I will be doing a guest blog post for her August Adults Ahoy series on modern day slavery. 

Now. On with today's post. :)

In Slave, we see Stephan improvising with the materials at hand to make a make shift cane to help walk Brianna through her past.

Canes come in many different materials. This one is made of rattan, which is similar to bamboo. Because it is made of a natural product, there are often minor variations from one cane to another.

I was lucky enough to have a friend send me a video demonstration regarding the use of a cane in BDSM. It isn't a piece of equipment one wants to just pick up and start using on a whim. Using a cane in an incorrect manner can cause a lot of damage to ones partner. It is also very easy to break a cane if you are using it improperly. 

One of the things that struck me in the video is that it does not take a lot of force when using a cane to get results. Often when those outside of the lifestyle think of canning they think of someone being punished, left with huge welts on their body. Can that happen? Of course. But as with most everything, the end result depends largely on the person behind the equipment. Using a cane on a specific area will increase the sensitivity of that area, which can lead to more enjoyment for both Dominant and submissive alike.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today's blog post is another Formspring Question. This one is from fellow TWCS author, Lindsey Gray. Thank you Lindsey for the question.

What was the most surprising aspect of the BDSM world that you found out while researching for the series?

There are a few ways I could approach this question. A lot of things 'surprised' me about BDSM. I went into writing this story with very little knowledge. I had no friends in the lifestyle, no Doms or subs that I could go to with questions. My upbringing was also rather conservative. I had very limited knowledge of any other types of relationships other that the one I was exposed to. 

I'd have to say the most surprising thing I found, however, was the diversity. There are basic guidelines in BDSM, but after that, it's pretty much up to the players involved and their particular fetishes. There are those who only practice the D/s side of BDSM with no corporal punishment or play. On the flip side of that, there are those whose relationship entails intense pain play.  

Most people outside of the lifestyle seem to have a singular view of BDSM and those involved in the lifestyle, I was one of them. That just isn't the case. The different ways to live BDSM are as varied as those who live it. No two couples are exactly alike and neither is the way the practice the lifestyle. 

So now I throw the question out to you. What is the most surprising thing you've learned about BDSM?


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slave, Mind Reader, and Blog Hop

I thought this was a perfect opportunity to sum up everything that has been going on and what I have planned.

Slave Released!

This past Thursday Slave was released by my publisher, The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House. I was lucky enough to receive my copy in the mail that afternoon.

TWCS Publishing House hosted a virtual release party for the four authors whose books released this past week. It was a great time, and we had a steady stream of people in and out of the chat throughout the day.

If you've never been to one of TWCS' release parties, you are missing out. Several of the publishing house authors usually stop by even if they do not have releases that month. It's a great way to have a relaxing conversation with the authors, ask questions about their books, and find out what's coming up at the publishing house. The authors also share teasers from their newly released books. Readers can get a taste of the authors and maybe find a new book they never considered picking up before.

Mind Readers

On August 19th, I will be over at the Mind Readers Blog doing a guest blog post for her Adults Ahoy series. The topic will be 'Modern Day Slavery'. A series topic to be sure, I'll be touching on both consensual and non consensual slavery today. Hopefully you will all stop by and not only check out my blog post, but also the other guest bloggers that will be participating throughout the month.
Blog Hop

With Slave's release, my marketing manager will be orginizing a blog hop in the near future. If you have a book blog, or you know of a blogger who might be interested in reviewing Slave, interviewing mem for their blog, or having me as a guest blogger, leave a comment with your e-mail and I will forward it on.