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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Play Room - Rattan Cane

Before we get to the topic of today's blog post, I want to thank everyone who has left a review for Slave. Every review on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. helps to spread the word and let others know if the book is worth their investment. 
I have been trying to compile the reviews together until the 'Reviews' page here on the blog. If you know of one that is not listed, please let me know and I will try to get it posted. 

Also, I hope you will come join me this Friday over at Mindreaders where I will be doing a guest blog post for her August Adults Ahoy series on modern day slavery. 

Now. On with today's post. :)

In Slave, we see Stephan improvising with the materials at hand to make a make shift cane to help walk Brianna through her past.

Canes come in many different materials. This one is made of rattan, which is similar to bamboo. Because it is made of a natural product, there are often minor variations from one cane to another.

I was lucky enough to have a friend send me a video demonstration regarding the use of a cane in BDSM. It isn't a piece of equipment one wants to just pick up and start using on a whim. Using a cane in an incorrect manner can cause a lot of damage to ones partner. It is also very easy to break a cane if you are using it improperly. 

One of the things that struck me in the video is that it does not take a lot of force when using a cane to get results. Often when those outside of the lifestyle think of canning they think of someone being punished, left with huge welts on their body. Can that happen? Of course. But as with most everything, the end result depends largely on the person behind the equipment. Using a cane on a specific area will increase the sensitivity of that area, which can lead to more enjoyment for both Dominant and submissive alike.

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