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Monday, August 22, 2011

Reader Question

For this week's blog post, I'm answering another question posted on Formspring. If you haven't read Slave yet, proceed with caution. Both the question and answer this week contains spoilers.


Was the decision to not have Ian illicit orgasms from Brianna as part of his kink a conscious decision?

Thank you IslandWoman for the question.

When I began thinking about the world Brianna was coming from, the one in which she lived in Ian, I saw it as one full of strict rules. From Brianna's point of view we learn that she never lived up to Ian's standards enough to earn a warm shower. No matter Ian's sadistic tendencies, he is a Master and he lives by the philosophy of reward and punishment. Orgasms, for him, fall into that category. Brianna never earned them, therefore, he never pushed that upon her.

So, yes, it was a conscious decision. Even though Ian obviously has a different set of moral guidelines he lives by, he, just like all Master's, love their rules. It is one of the reasons they are what they are.

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