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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do You Remember The First Time....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Our holiday was spent with my mom and the rest of my side of the family as we laughed and shared memories of all those who have gone before us. It's been a rough year as we lost two: my dad and one of my uncles. Some were worried it would be a very sad occasion, however it turned out to be a fun way to remember all the things we remember and love about them.

The last two weeks have been extremely busy for me with the holidays and with wrapping up the edits on my upcoming romantic suspense novel, Behind Closed Doors. Thankfully, I just sent the final edits back to my editor. All I will have to do is sign off on the formatting and it will be ready for its February 9th release date.

I've also spent the last two weeks working on Book 2. It's been somewhat slow going as I've had to stop and start with finishing Behind Closed Doors, however, I'm hoping now that thing are coming to a close with that one, I can spend more time with Stephan and Brianna. She threw me a curve ball yesterday in writing. As happens so often in my writing, what I'd planned got sidetracked by what the characters want. You really never know the journey they'll take you on.

My unexpected turn with Brianna made me think back and made me wonder what other's experiences were and do you remember? Thinking back, I'm not sure I can pinpoint that moment. What moment? The moment you first saw the male anatomy live, in person, and...awake. ;)

So do you remember?


  1. Yes indeed. Fortunately, I'd seen many in pictures and movies, because I was sorely disappointed when I got up close and personal...with a rather small one. Thankfully, several years later I got to experience some rather magnificent specimens.

  2. Totally not the subject...but book 2 for Finding Anna? how awesome! Suzanne will be happey and so am I. Since reading Slave, I can't get my mind off Stephan.
    I'm excited for Behind Closed Doors as well.


  3. It was my first boyfriend. I was 19 or 20. LOL Sheltered by today's standards, probably, but I remember thinking it wouldn't fit and it was going to hurt like an SOB. I was wrong about the first and right about the second.