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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Happy 4th of July Weekend!

For those in the US, this weekend is full of BBQ's, fireworks, and a whole lot of red, white, and blue as we celebrate the birth of our nation and our freedom.

Freedom is such an interesting concept when it comes to BDSM. Most outside the lifestyle see submissives as having no, or very little, freedom whatsoever. It is ironic that most submissives, however, find submitting to their Dom/Domme to be a freeing experience.

I asked a submissive friend of mine to share her feelings.

"You are free to let go of every burden that society throws on you. You are free to let go of every mask you usually wear for many reasons. And you are finally free to be only yourself. No fear that someone will bother you or attack you because of who you are. You can let go everything and just to be yourself."

I mentioned a website in a previous post where I have done research for my story. It gives information on so many varying subjects including male submission. I thought I'd share a section with you that I feel is relevant to the topic at hand.
"Submitting to a dominant female allows me to drop my "maleness" at the door and become a sometimes fragile human being.

The daily stress of my professional life can become overwhelming at times. I have to make decisions that affect others; some positive, often times, negatively . As a heterosexual male, I am expected to wear a persona of "masculinity".

Submission, by and large is considered by many a weakness. In my opinion, submission is not a symbol of weakness, but rather one of strength. It takes almost inhuman strength to let go of the pain and the humiliation and anger and all the other emotions that we face every single day of our lives. My release oftentimes comes in the form of tears. Remember, we are raised as children to believe that tears were for "sissies" and were not allowed to shed tears. One of the reasons that I submit is to surrender to my need to cry. To shed tears that would otherwise be considered "unmanly". My Mistress calls them her "gift".

Submission does not mean I have a low opinion of myself. It does not mean I crave humiliation or embarrassment at the hands of every person, or dominant female I cross paths with. What it does mean though, is that I am free to "let go" of the daily stresses where I am in charge. Where I am in control. I can safely let another guide me while soaring within"subspace"."                                                                                  http://www.seekers.org.uk/mistress.htm

Whether male or female, submissives feel a sense of freedom when they are submitting to their Doms/Dommes. It is a release, a way for them to be who they are without judgement from society.

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