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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I was tagged over on Facebook by a fellow author to provide a little teaser of my current WIP. Since Red Zone isn't at the requested page 77, I'm giving you a little taste of Need. This is unedited, but I'm thinking you probably won't mind. ;)


I only made it as far as the living room before his arms came around my waist halting my progress. But what had been a surge of energy only a moment ago, died in my limbs, and the tears once again began to flow as I went limp.
Stephan bent down, scooping me up into his arms. He carried me over to the couch, but kept me on his lap all the while whispering calming words in my ear.
Eventually, the tears ebbed and I stiffened. “Please,” I begged.

His thumbs rubbed the tears from my cheeks and then held there.


  1. Oh! Awesome tease!

    I so need Need! :)

  2. Loved the tease but ACK I want more!!!! :D Can't wait to get the new book

  3. Ooooh!!!! Tantalizing to the extreme! I can hear the *mwhahahhaa's* from here. ;D

  4. I love it! I've have to post my 77 tomorrow

  5. EEK!! Jumping up and down imaptient to read this book!! :D