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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Playroom - Fireplay

Today I'm welcoming our first guest blogger, La Crimson Femme. I met her over at Goodreads, and she's agreed to share with us a little about her favorite thing in BDSM: Fireplay. 

I am a deviant little girl who enjoys being taken to task and disciplined. ~ La Crimson Femme.

Since the first time I read about fireplay in a BDSM story, I've been curious. Are you curious about fireplay? I experience fireplay at a party once and I was hooked. It was a great as I imagined. I had to learn more about it and I attended a class. For those who haven't heard of fireplay or want to learn more, here's my notes from class. I will also relay my personal experience. I hope you will relay your experience too!

Let's get this out of the way before we get to the good stuff.

Fireplay is considered edgeplay. It is best to have your safety gear all laid out and in easy reach.

  1. Always have a fire extinguisher handy. Know where they are located.
  2. Always have water within reach. Water in a spray bottle is recommended.
  3. If the players have long hair, make sure it's out of the way.
  4. Blanket on the face to protect and for the hair too. Fire fumes can burn the lungs. The blanket or towel on the face helps this out.

Now, the above safety items are dull to talk about in a fictional book, so rarely do authors mention it. These are for those who want to play. For those who skip these safety items, it doesn't mean that death or burns are imminent. All it means is that there is higher risk of injury. (Do you all wear your seat belt every time you are in a car? Do you force passengers in the back to wear their seat belts too? Do you wear seat belt when you are in a cab? I do only because I enjoy the restraint of a seat belt. ^_^ )

Back to the topic at hand.

Fire wands are 100% cotton. There should be no polyester. Polyester bad.

The only type of alcohol to use is 70% isopropyl. 90% will burn too hot. 50% doesn't have enough alcohol and won't light up as easily. Ethanol is oil based and BAD.

Some people like to use Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, etc. Not recommended. I'm only going to provide the safe ones. If you want to experiment, go ahead. Let me know how it goes. I will not accept any medical bills.

There are multiple kinds of fireplay?
YES! There are. I've only experienced fire tickling, fire wanding and fire cupping. I would like to experience fire kissing and fire knife.

Fire wanding is the standard using a fire wand dipped in alcohol and then lit on fire. The flaming wand is rubbed across the sub's body. The flames appear on the body. Fire tickling is more like drumming on a sub's body with a flaming wand. Fire cupping doesn't actually involve fire on the sub's body. Instead, it's using the Chinese cupping technique to heat up the air in the glass cup and then sticking it on the sub's body. The hot air when cooled, will cause a suction to pull the skin into the cup. The intensity depends on the size of the cup and the heat of the air in the cup. This one will leave bruises that look similar to a huge octopus attacking with its suckers. Does it hurt? Very good. Feels soooo goood.

I'd like to thank La Crimson Femme for posting today. This is a subject on which I was absolutely clueless, and I can now say I at least know what fireplay is! :) 

I am still looking for a guest blogger for next month's 'The Playroom', so if you'd like to share you favorite BDSM toy, piece of equiptment, etc. please leave me a comment along with an e-mail address. Until then...play safe!


  1. I had heard the term fireplay before and really had no clue about it. I mean, come on, fire = bad, right? Well, it was when it came to my house a year ago.

    This was very interesting. Thank you for sharing the information. Next time the topic comes up, perhaps I'll be interested enough now not to run in the total other direction.

  2. Thanks for an informative blog. I'm planning a fire cupping scene for Nobody's Perfect with my SM couple and plan to do more research later this year. Le Crimson Femme, if you'd like to help me out, my e-mail is kallypsomasters@gmail.com. Thanks again!

  3. I've always been curious about this, but more from a Domme perspective. I wonder if, for a male sub, you need to shave his body before hand in order not to have the not so yummy smell of scorched hair.

  4. Ann,

    My guess would be yes. I'll see if the poster knows the answer to this.

  5. Hmmm Interesting though not sure I'd try this one! I tweeted it Sherri.

  6. Hi Guys! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I've been kind of without internet access for over 2 weeks. Killed me but it was a nice break away from the computer.

    As for shaving. It doesn't have to happen. Here's why... there should be no burning of the body which includes the hair on the guy. The burning is on the fumes of the alcohol. It's put out so very quickly that the hair on the body should not be caught on fire or burn.

    However, if you want to take it to the edge and let the fire go on for a bit longer, by all means, shave the guy. I'd probably add a twist of shaving as part of the sex scene.

    As for fire cupping... oh boy do I love fire cupping. I have pictures of what it did to my back that I would be willing to share. I'm kind of chunky though, so excuse the excess flesh when I send you a picture if you like.

    I've been told fire cupping on the clit is pretty intense. I haven't tried this one yet. I am interested and once my husband is ready to do this just in the privacy of our own home, we'll see if he will cup my clit.

  7. Hmm, I sent an email to Kallypso and no response. I'm around.