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Saturday, June 11, 2011


With 19 days left until the pre-orders of Slave go on sale, we are in full swing with the second phase of edits. I'm currently working on the first 15 chapters and should have the remaining 11 chapters soon to go through.

Editing is a very detailed process. It is very different from writing, at least for me. When I write, I try to get caught up in the emotion of the story. You can't do that when you are editing; everything is about the details.

For that same reason, however, Slave is proving more of a challenge to edit than my first novel, Hidden Threat. Slave is a very emotional story and it is hard to detach myself in order to just concentrate on what needs to be adjusted to make it the best story it can be.

This is why editors are so important. If you are an author and have a good editor helping you with your stories, take a moment to make sure they know they are appreciated. They really are there to make us look good. Our stories wouldn't be the same without them.


  1. My editors, past and present, are life savers. My first beta I recently wrote a one-shot for to show her how much I appreciated all the work she did for me years ago. I make a point of thanking my betas often, knowing that without them my stories would be lacking something. No matter their title, you're right, editors need to know they're appreciated.

  2. That is a great idea to write a little something just for them. Did they pick the topic or did you just go off of what they liked from the feedback you received?

  3. I gave them a list of fandoms I knew I could write and she picked one. She was really impressed by it, said I'd captured the pair perfectly. Considering I'd seen few episodes with those characters since I stopped watching the show, it was a true compliment.

    Will Slave be available on Kindle or other e-book formats?

  4. Yes, it will be available in paperback, kindle, nook, and EPUB.

  5. Awsome! Now to figure out which version I want to by...must remember to tell my library to get it too.